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A small change in situation.

So it is February already, wow what happened to Janaury!

Thought I should write something to clear my head. This week I head to Paris with the IJF to work at the Paris Grand Slam judo event. Should be good. I am taking my Raspberry Pi with me and then I'll be sending it with colleagues until I meet up with it again in Samsun Turkey in March. I hope I have it setup correctly!

On the $dayjob side of things, this month marks a small change in my role in the office. Whilst remaining the scrummaster for my old team I become a dev team member of a new (related) team. The change is minor but interesting.

My old team is a primarily Perl team, doing console server applications. In the new team as well as Perl, there is PHP and Javascript involved in an internal web application. So I'll be brushing up on my PHP and getting a daily dose of PHP and JQuery.

It's one of those interesting changes in situation that comes along and if you roll with it you learn a lot along the way. I am fortunate that as the existing scrum master for both teams, this is not a case of meeting new people. Sure I have to learn a new codebase and coding style and standard; but I know the team members and all that good stuff.

Back on the Judo side, but locally. My club(s) are going strong; the Southampton club just regained the third place position in the Hampshire Team Championships and we are preparing for the Hampshire Individual Championships.
I am the competitions organiser so it was great to see a good turn out for the team championships and to be seeing entries for the individual championships coem in steadily already.

Anyway… the only real issue is the old work/life balance.
I'm doing my usual trick of burning the candle at both ends and in the middle. 🙂 Stay tuned for updates on things.


P.s. hello, if you are reading this please let me know either in a comment or via email. I am always curious if this cathartic exercise of blogging is purely for me, or if there are people out there reading these words.

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