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A perlish post to close out 2017

This year has been a strong Perl one for me, YAPC::EU, LPW, CPAN PRC, Scientist, Perl::Critic::Policy::Perlsecret and just this fine evening Lingua::Postcodes… and of course being lucky enough to be able to write Perl 5 days a week in my $dayjob.

Lingua::Postcodes is a new module inspired in part by Lingua::EN::Inflect and my not being able to find a module that could programmatically tell me what postcodes/postal codes/zipcodes are called in a specific country.

It works a bit like this:

my $postcode_name = Lingua::Postcodes::name(‘GB’);

# “Postcode”

Or if you’d like to get the localised version:

my $postcode_name = Lingua::Postcodes::name(‘JP’, ‘JP’);

# “郵便番号”

YAPC:EU was terrific and I look forward to attending 2017 in Amsterdam, my talk encompassed as I have written before lots of the things we do on my $dayjob:


The surprise perl hit of the year for me has got to have been my little Perl::Critic::Policy::Perlsecret module, which got more love than I ever intended for it when Sawyer (the current Perl5 maintainer ) logged a bug report. This motivated me to revisit it and do it properly. 🙂 It has now I gather got regular use in his $dayjob and is even part of the test suite on another module. Who knew teasing a work colleague would turn into a real module used by real people. 🙂

The CPAN Pull Request Challenge has been… challenging. Struggled on several months efforts; but managed to persist to the end… and signed up to do 2017 too. Why? Because it’s good for my brain and good for my Perl. It forces me to read other peoples code, to understand it, to try and see where I can contribute something.

So 2017 is close at hand and from a Perl perspective I am looking forward to working with Perl5 daily. I’m looking forward to YAPC::EU in Amsterdam and to LPW; I have this suspicion I may not be a mere attendee this time given who is now organising it! 🙂 I’d like to attend DancerConf; though a quick Twitter chat discovery pointed out that is scheduled to be Australia which might not be practical. But who knows maybe might be called upon to host it.

Perl6 is an area I’d like to work on more in 2017, a colleague is really enjoying exploring it. I might do a side project (or two) in Perl6.

So there you have it, 2016 becomes 2017.

Wish me luck.

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