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Media consumption

Hi all,

so I thought I’d write a post on how I consume media. By which I mean news, tech, text, video, audio etc. I consume a lot of content, much of which is technical, in this post I wanted to express how I share how I keep up to date and fill my time.

  • Watching.
    • Youtube
      • I actually don’t watch too much youtube, I guess I am too old. I have a bunch of subscriptions, but frankly even with mobile I don’t find it a medium that works for me.
    • Netflix/Amazon
      • Perhaps it’s about the type of content; but Netflix and Amazon work for me (as opposed to Youtube). Especially both allow me to download to my phone; it is my “Go to” for entertainment when waiting around, on planes, in hotels.
    • Sky+
      • At home I have a Sky+ box, which for non-UK folks is a DVR with a subscription to satellite TV services. It allows me to do the timeshifting thing. Since we got the device basically I have not watched Live TV. Increasingly I have to say the “good shows” are Netflix and Amazon however.
  • Listening
    • Podcasts
      • This is probably my main media consumption medium. I commute 2+ hours a day to and from my web development $dayjob, and I fill this time mostly with podcasts. I use the terrific Pocketcasts app via the car radio (bluetooth connected).
        I listen to non-fiction (a majority) at 1.9x speed, so technically I listen to about 20 hours of content. Here is my subscriptions. For fiction (Mainly the terrific EscapePod) I listen at 1x.
    • Audiobooks
      • I have an Audible subscription and especially when travelling will try to have an audiobook downloaded. Sometimes this means listening in the car too. It is almost always fiction, though the Tao of Seneca may be my next purchase.
  • Reading
    • Kindle
      • I have a Kindle Voyage; after finally moving away from my beloved old school Kindle with keyboard. I love it and use it every single day! In part because I tend to get insomnia if I don’t spin my brain down at the end of the day.
        So I read in bed for a little while everynight, basically till I start drifting off to sleep. This means I tend to use the public lending library or buy mediocre scifi mainly. Stuff that is not terrible, yet not so good that I get too engrossed. 🙂 Luckily, the growth in indie authors means there are lots of pretty decent cheap kindle books to read.
    • RSS Feeds
      • I use Feedly (since the demise of Google Reader), and have way too many subscriptions.
        I tend to browse pretty quickly the feeds, and break thinks into different categories.
    • Hackernews
      • I visit hacker news multiple times a day, in the morning and in the evenings mainly. I don’t have that whole checking it all day problem. I don’t really do much reading of the comments like some do. I mainly look at the top news, then jump to the new stories. I probably look at new stories more than top.
        When I find an article I like the looks of, I’ll save it to pocket.
    • Progscrape
      • Progscrape I visit less frequently; but find super useful as it scrapes more sources than hackernews. It helps me spot the trending stories, and the outliers that are missed on hackernews.
        Again, I tend not to read in real time; rather I save it to pocket for later.
    • Pocket
      • Pocket is my bookmarking tool of choice, and web site/page I want to read later I clip into pocket so I can find them later. When I want to find something I find it there. Then if I am looking for things to read, I’ll scan through this and grab something to read.

So there you go, a little about how I consume media. I’d be interested in hearing how how other people consume their media.


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