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Perl Update

As I wrote about back in January ( ), I am participating in the CPAN Pull Request Challenge again this year.

As well as my own assignments, I have been working with my team to complete requests with them, see over on our Tech Blog.

To date I have managed somehow to make a pull request each month. As has my team at my $dayjob. Our March commit was particularly good as we managed to fix a outstanding bug in some XS code and our write up on the event got lots of amazing support from NeilB, including getting a personal shout out in Perl Weekly!

Beyond the challenge it’s been great to see my Scientist module getting used at work, and scarily my (originally a joke) perlcritic module used in more than one company!

I have released a new module this year Lingua::Postcodes, which is just a little something I thought we might need at work and in actuality didn’t but it is out there now for people to use and play with. I have also started on a much larger module (collection of modules) related to Judo and interfacing with the data the IJF are potentially able to make available.

I have also booked my flights and registered for YAPC::EU… I mean “The Perl Conference Europe”, I’m thinking on talk topics I might be able to make. An immediate contender is a talk about the awesome fun of doing the PRC as a team.

Are you going to be there?

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