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September 2015…

Seriously, no posts since February!! Okay, so not a lot has happened, life has continued and I have got older. My role in my $dayjob has evolved once more and the team I am the “Development Team Leader” has grown by two developers. I have dropped out of the CPAN […]

A small change in situation.

So it is February already, wow what happened to Janaury! Thought I should write something to clear my head. This week I head to Paris with the IJF to work at the Paris Grand Slam judo event. Should be good. I am taking my Raspberry Pi with me and then […]

Inspect and adapt!

Hi all,so life on the new team was short lived; I am back in the Perl team and working on a new "Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD)" project. This is a relatively new approach for the Scrum team I work on and a new part of the product we are […]

Change is a good thing… right?

So…. where to start.The last time I blogged (back in April) I wrote that I was changing from the PHP based web application team back to the Perl based test automation tools team. Well… since then the company I was at made some more changes and the Perl team was […]

My ArchBookPro ;-)

So whilst I was away in Miami, I took the plunge and started installing Linux on my MacBook Pro. Being me, I decided against the sensible option of something easy like Ubuntu. I went with ArchLinux, not Manjaro (again simpler), which meant I had more learning to do and more […]

Games of the moment…

Just a quick one about a couple of games I have been playing and why. The reality is I don't play much in the way of games. Too busy by far. But occasionally I want to relax and play a game. I have a bunch of consoles and steam and […]

cpan day 2014

August 2014 marked the 19th anniversary of the amazing resource that is the Perl cpan. Node developers already know why cpan is so cool, they have npm which is a very similar tool. cpan for those who don't know is the online collection of modules for Perl. These are the […]

Hello 2015

Hi all and welcome 2015! Happy New year one and all.As is traditional this post is a personal review of 2014 and my thoughts on 2015. 2014 for me has been a good but tough year. I was unable to travel as much as I would have liked as I […]


It's been a busy month for me; but as it comes to a close I thought I would take 10 minutes to type out a short reflection on the month. Think of it as a personal "retrospective". Perl.This month I participated in the "CPAN Pull Request Challenge". This is a […]