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The Perl Conference in Amsterdam

August 2017 and I am sitting in Amsterdam after the three day “Perl Conference in Amsterdam“, or YAPC::EU. As a full-time Perl developer I am very pleased to say that I am encouraged by my boss to attend this conference and to participate in the amazing Perl Community. This year […]

Perl Update

As I wrote about back in January ( ), I am participating in the CPAN Pull Request Challenge again this year. As well as my own assignments, I have been working with my team to complete requests with them, see over on our Tech Blog. To date I have […]

Media consumption

Hi all, so I thought I’d write a post on how I consume media. By which I mean news, tech, text, video, audio etc. I consume a lot of content, much of which is technical, in this post I wanted to express how I share how I keep up to […]

Digital Cleanup 2017

At this time of year I try and avoid the whole new years resolution, get fit, do more trap. What I do do is clean up after the previous year and that normally informs what I want to achieve in the new year. So that is what I am currently […]

A perlish post to close out 2017

This year has been a strong Perl one for me, YAPC::EU, LPW, CPAN PRC, Scientist,¬†Perl::Critic::Policy::Perlsecret and just this fine evening Lingua::Postcodes… and of course being lucky enough to be able to write Perl 5 days a week in my $dayjob. Lingua::Postcodes is a new module inspired in part by¬†Lingua::EN::Inflect and […]

YAPC::EU 2016, The Perl Conference.

  I recently attended the Europan Perl Conference, YAPC::EU. This was held in Cluj-Napoca in Romania and was a brilliant experience and I’d like to thank everyone involved in putting the event together, running it and the participants that made it such an enjoyable event for me. I was fortunate […]

Speaking at YAPC:EU 2016

YAPC:EU 2016

As with any multi-year/multi-decade software project, we have legacy and new code. The older “legacy” code often is by our own definition “very scary”. When we visit this scary code we have developed ways and tools to make this both easier and safer. My talk will be covering the approach […]