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The Perl Conference in Amsterdam

August 2017 and I am sitting in Amsterdam after the three day “Perl Conference in Amsterdam“, or YAPC::EU. As a full-time Perl developer I am very pleased to say that I am encouraged by my boss to attend this conference and to participate in the amazing Perl Community. This year […]

Perl Update

As I wrote about back in January ( ), I am participating in the CPAN Pull Request Challenge again this year. As well as my own assignments, I have been working with my team to complete requests with them, see over on our Tech Blog. To date I have […]

Media consumption

Hi all, so I thought I’d write a post on how I consume media. By which I mean news, tech, text, video, audio etc. I consume a lot of content, much of which is technical, in this post I wanted to express how I share how I keep up to […]

Digital Cleanup 2017

At this time of year I try and avoid the whole new years resolution, get fit, do more trap. What I do do is clean up after the previous year and that normally informs what I want to achieve in the new year. So that is what I am currently […]

A perlish post to close out 2017

This year has been a strong Perl one for me, YAPC::EU, LPW, CPAN PRC, Scientist,¬†Perl::Critic::Policy::Perlsecret and just this fine evening Lingua::Postcodes… and of course being lucky enough to be able to write Perl 5 days a week in my $dayjob. Lingua::Postcodes is a new module inspired in part by¬†Lingua::EN::Inflect and […]

YAPC::EU 2016, The Perl Conference.

  I recently attended the Europan Perl Conference, YAPC::EU. This was held in Cluj-Napoca in Romania and was a brilliant experience and I’d like to thank everyone involved in putting the event together, running it and the participants that made it such an enjoyable event for me. I was fortunate […]