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Hello 2015

Hi all and welcome 2015! Happy New year one and all.As is traditional this post is a personal review of 2014 and my thoughts on 2015. 2014 for me has been a good but tough year. I was unable to travel as much as I would have liked as I […]


It's been a busy month for me; but as it comes to a close I thought I would take 10 minutes to type out a short reflection on the month. Think of it as a personal "retrospective". Perl.This month I participated in the "CPAN Pull Request Challenge". This is a […]

February 2015…

Hi All,so February has flown by, here is a small update on the month that was. PerlThis month I was allocated MooseX-Types-Parameterizable as part of the CPAN Pull Request Challenge. As with last months module, I started by contacting the author by email. He quickly got back to me and […]