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cpan day 2014

August 2014 marked the 19th anniversary of the amazing resource that is the Perl cpan. Node developers already know why cpan is so cool, they have npm which is a very similar tool. cpan for those who don't know is the online collection of modules for Perl. These are the […]

Hello 2015

Hi all and welcome 2015! Happy New year one and all.As is traditional this post is a personal review of 2014 and my thoughts on 2015. 2014 for me has been a good but tough year. I was unable to travel as much as I would have liked as I […]


It's been a busy month for me; but as it comes to a close I thought I would take 10 minutes to type out a short reflection on the month. Think of it as a personal "retrospective". Perl.This month I participated in the "CPAN Pull Request Challenge". This is a […]

February 2015…

Hi All,so February has flown by, here is a small update on the month that was. PerlThis month I was allocated MooseX-Types-Parameterizable as part of the CPAN Pull Request Challenge. As with last months module, I started by contacting the author by email. He quickly got back to me and […]